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I'm here to give your head a whole new pair of shoes.


Aemilia Scott was graduated from Columbia University cum laude with a degree in history, where she learned about Medieval Europe and how to properly use the phrase “was graduated from.” She didn’t write or perform comedy in college, and has never yet written a joke about the Middle Ages.

Then she moved to Chicago, where she studied improv and sketch at Second City, iO Theater, and The Annoyance. She was hired by Second City veteran Ron West to perform Sex and the Second City, a professional production of archival material as part of Second City Theatricals.

Aemilia was then hired by SNL veteran Michael McCarthy to write for Q101’s Morning Fix, a radio show produced in Chicago for Q101 FM. The show was promoted as “The Daily Show Meets morning radio,” and ran Monday through Friday with 1 ½ hours of news-based comedy headlines, sketches, and songs.

Aemilia worked with Michael McCarthy to open up a franchise production of Big News LA, appropriately called Big News Chicago. She started out as the assistant producer and videographer, and then was given the job of producer and showrunner after Michael returned to Los Angeles.

As head of Big News Chicago, Aemilia was the showrunner and head writer, working with over a dozen writers to create 45 minutes of entirely new news-based sketch comedy every week. From running the writers’ room, to writing original content, to producing the audio beds and drops for the sketches, Aemilia kept the show going for over 70 performances at iO Chicago and Second City.

Aemilia is currently performing a two-man show called Aemilia and Ed’s One Man Show, which is directed by Second City and SNL veteran Nate Herman. The show is modeled after the classic comedy duo of Nichols and May, with the entire show taking place in 1960. Aemilia and Ed were invited to perform at the 2009 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival.

Aemilia was recruited by Second City ETC Music Director Mike Descoteaux to be a founding member of The Best Church of God, the critically acclaimed satirical church that performs a “service” of entirely new comedy every week, satirizing the world’s most popular organized religions. As part of the BCOG, Aemilia wrote and performed her character “The Reverend Doctor Joy Phillips” for the 2009 TBS Just For Laugh’s festival. Reverend Joy was also interviewed on New York’s WBAI Radio.

Outside the realm of comedy, Aemilia is an accomplished essayist, having written for, CHOW, and Flak Magazine. An article she wrote for Flak Mag was read by a literary agent at ICM, who scouted her and now represents her work in the literary field. She also blogs regularly for The Huffington Post.

Aemilia’s videos can be found on the internet under the name Civic TV, which is the name of her production company and also a terribly clever reference to her favorite movie, Videodrome.


Sketch comedy, photography, improvisation, cinematography, screenwriting, political satire, cooking, righteous indignation.